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CloudCoin is not a centralized company with a centralized sales office. There are tens of thousands of people who own CloudCoin and use them for transactions. Some of these people sell their CloudCoins. This page tries to make it easier for you to find someone should you wish to buy. CloudCoin has been around for less than one year and is not yet listed on any exchanges.

There are many different websites that sell CloudCoins directly. The price of CloudCoin is not set and it will differ from seller to seller. You will need to shop around for the best price.

www.CloudCoinConsortium.comTo buy CloudCoin from members of the CloudCoin Consortium using PayPal, Credit Card, Bank Wire, Western Union and many others:

To buy online from a Trusted Reseller using cryptocurrencies: www.cloudcoin.digital

To email an agent to help you buy CloudCoin using anything email: [email protected] or go to: https://www.cloudcoinexchange.ch

Note that there is another international exchange that is in the process of being developed. This exchange will be like the typical exchange used to buy and sell stocks or other cryptocurrencies. This exchange is expected to greatly improve a buyer's ability to understand the currenct price and make it easy for anyone to sell CloudCoins without haveing to setup a sales point.

The CloudCoin Promise

  1. We promise that if you trade your work, goods or services for CloudCoin that you will be able to purchase something of like value with CloudCoin.
  2. We promise that CloudCoins cannot be counterfeited or destroyed and the number of CloudCoins will never increase or decrease except proportionally (everyone's CloudCoins may split).
  3. We promise that CloudCoin is the best currency in the world. CloudCoins are easier to use, more secure, more anonymous and more fun and allow you to trade over computers and smartphones globally like cash. They have several unique features that only CloudCoins can claim (like loss recovery).
  4. We promise that CloudCoins can be authenticated by a globally deployed super-cloud that is made up of a redundant array of independent detection agents (RAIDA).
  5. We promise that RAIDA is not conrolled by the CloudCoin Consortium. The CloudCoin Consortium is here to develop software, sales sites, etc.
  6. We promise as the value of CloudCoins increase, the amount of supporting infrastructure (RAIDA) will also increase. We can expect thousands of clouds, thousands of system administrators spread out all over the globe in different jurisdictions.
  7. We promise that the RAIDA Administrators are completely independent and funded. The RAIDA are currently (11/18/2016) located in Australia, Philippines, Taiwan, Serbia, Germany, Delhi, Russia, Croatia, Slovenia, Macedonia, Romania, Switzerland, Canada, USA and many more coming soon.
  8. We promise that if you like Bitcoins, you will love CloudCoins!

What CloudCoin Cannot Promise

  1. We cannot promise that CloudCoins are any different than Bitcoins (and other money) in legality for your jurisdiction.
  2. We cannot promise that CloudCoins are any different than Bitcoins (and all money) when it comes to allowing people to purchase illegal things.
  3. We cannot promise that CloudCoins are any different than Bitcoins (and all money) when it comes to decreasing in value.

If you Like Bitcoin, You will Love CloudCoin!